Where to Donate Kitchen Supplies

Most people will tell you that the kitchen is the most important room of the house. It’s where parents teach their kids how to cook, where families eat together and share their daily lives, and mainly where bellies are filled. Unfortunately there are a lot of families who don’t have access to simple kitchen supplies to provide their kids and themselves food when they are hungry. So, if you find that you might have an overabundance of kitchen supplies that are not being used, think about donating them to families in need!

If you have a fridge around your house that is also not being used, check out our blog on Where to Donate a Refrigerator to learn more about the process!

Once you are ready to donate your extra kitchen supplies, make sure they are in new or gently used condition before donating!

If you’re in the Chicago or Dallas area, you can use Zealous Good to match you with several local organizations that are actually looking for that specific item and will therefore profit from it the most. If you don’t live in Chicago or Dallas, here are some other places that would value your donation:

Homeless Shelters

Most homeless shelters are always in an ongoing need for kitchen supplies because they provide homeless people with a roof over their head and a filling meal every day. Donate your kitchen supplies today by searching homeless shelters in your area to find one near you!

Soup Kitchens

A soup kitchen’s main focus is to feed families and homeless people in need. Therefore they can never have enough kitchen supplies because they overuse them daily. So, give your local soup kitchen new supplies to cook with! Check out FoodPantries.org to find a local soup kitchen near you!

Cooking Schools

Cooking schools teach so many students each year that their supplies take quite a beating. Help students have the adequate supplies needed to become the next great chefs! Search online for a cooking school near you and ask them if they are in need.

Again, if you’re in the Chicago or Dallas area, use Zealous Good to submit your kitchen supply donation and we’ll easily match you with a local charity that could use it!

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