Where to Donate Pet Supplies

Pets are the most loyal creatures on earth who only want their owner’s attention. No wonder there’s sayings like “Dogs are man’s best friend” because it really is true. Nowadays, pets are regarded as part of the family because you start to care for them like they are. Even though there are many pets around the world that are fortunate enough to have a loving family, there’s sadly more that don’t and are living in shelters as we speak.

There is something you can do to help this unfortunate situation! If you happen to have extra pet supplies that are no longer needed in your household, we ask that you consider donating them to pets in need!

Before donating, however, please make sure your pet supplies are in new to gently used condition for the new pet recipients! Now you’re ready to make change a pet’s life!

If you’re in the Chicago or Dallas area, you can use Zealous Good to match you with several local organizations that are actually looking for that specific item and will therefore profit from it the most. If you don’t live in Chicago or Dallas, here are some other places that would value your donation:

Local Shelters

One of your first stops to donate should be your local animal shelter. It’s harder for city shelter’s to receive as many donations as bigger, or no-kill shelters, so most of the time they don’t have that many supplies on hand for the pets. Check online to find a shelter near you and ask if they are in need!

Friends for Pets Foundation

This organization care for over fifty neglected and abandoned dogs so they run out of supplies very quickly. Your donation can help keep dogs happy and healthy until they find homes for them. Check out the Friends for Pets website to learn more.


This organization helps prevent cruelty to animals and has many adoption centers around the U.S. that would greatly value your donated pet supplies. Check out the ASPCA website to learn more on how you can help!

Again, if you’re in the Chicago or Dallas area, use Zealous Good to submit your pet supply donation and we’ll easily match you with a local charity that could use it!

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