Where to donate sound systems


We live in an age where the iPod has taken over music. No more messed up tapes or scratched CDs. Speakers can even be blue tooth connected. The boom box is no longer acceptable to walk around with so what to do with our old sound systems and cd players? Instead of just throwing them away, or waiting until they become antiques check out these places that would love to use your old technology. 

After school Programs

All sorts of after school programs would love to use the equipment for presentations and for the kids to interact with. Trustycup Productions is an afternoon program in Chicago that gives kids a place to express themselves through all kinds of outlets. They would love to use sound systems for all different programs. Try to check out the after school programs near you! 

Churches/ Religious Centers

Churches may not be the first place you think of for needing a sound system, but they may be in need. These places can benefit from making their presentations and speeches well heard for everyone. If they don’t use themselves they can find someone in that will use your sound system. Check out centers near you!


Many schools can be in need of sound systems for theatre departments or sporting events. Even a small donation like a sound system can be very beneficial to improving a department. A donation to the school can greatly enhance a child’s experience in their activities.

If you want to donate, but aren’t sure where and are in the Chicago area check out Zealous Good! They can connect you with many different charities that would love your donation, including Trustycup Productions!

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