Where to donate treadmills

Admit it, you probably bought a nice treadmill with the intention of using it daily. Yet, there it sits, collecting dust in the garage. Or maybe you’ve decided to upgrade your old treadmill for a new and improved one. Either way, you have a bulky piece of equipment that you want to get rid off.

Instead of disposing it in a landfill, or continue leaving it neglected in your garage, consider donating it to someone who will put good added use to it. Before donating though, make sure your treadmill is:

1. In good working condition: Plug it in and test it out by trying all the different functions, presetting the programs, and walking on it for a bit to make sure its in good working order.

2. Clean: Make sure you thoroughly clean the treadmill and wipe it down with disinfecting wipes so the recipient will receive a ready to use machine.

Okay, now you’re ready to donate your treadmill!

If you live in the Chicago or Dallas area, Zealous Good can make donating your treadmill incredibly easy by matching your donation with local organizations in need of that specific item. You then pick which organization you wish to donate your machine to and they can come pick it up! If you don’t live in the Chicago or Dallas area, here are some organizations you could donate your treadmill to:

The Boys and Girls Club

This community center works with kids in many great ways, one of which includes teaching them the importance of physical fitness and staying healthy. To find your local Boys and Girls Club, click here!

Fire/Police Stations

Police and Firemen are required to stay in top physical shape to be able to perform their important duties. Locate your local station and help them help the community!


Hospitals are always in need of sports equipment to rehabilitate their patients and to also keep their employees in good shape to keep up with their busy schedules. Stop by your local hospital or physical rehab center today and make a difference!

If you have other types of sports equipment you would like to donate, check out our blog on Where to Donate Sports Equipment to learn more!


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