Where to Donate Used Furniture

FurnitureNo matter where you are in your life journey, furniture makes a home. From your son’s old baby crib, to the bookcase that held your favorite childhood stories and the worn chair where Grandfather used to read the paper, these possessions have changed countless blank rooms into places filled with personality and memories. Help another person create memories that they’ll remember for the rest of their life – donate used furniture today.

If you’re in Chicago, it’s as easy as using Zealous Good to find out exactly where to donate used furniture. Our simple process lets you both donate easily and pick the Chicago charity you wish to give to. If you’re not in Chicago, here are some places that could use your items:

High School Theater Programs

You’ll surprised to know that much of the furniture you see onstage in high school productions was actually donated. With shrinking budgets for the arts in our nation’s schools, theater programs are in dire need of extra furniture to use. Support the actors and actresses of tomorrow by sending them your used couch or television stand today.

For information, you can visit your local high school or look up your school district online.

Religious Centers

Religious establishments know of excellent places you can donate to. They can either keep the furniture so their youth groups can use it, give it to a family they know is in need, or send it to a halfway house. Visit your local religious center in-person or online to see what its furniture needs are!

furniture-buying-tips-1024x768Women’s Shelters

Battered women’s shelters provide amazing assistance for women and children in need of help. So, you can be sure that your furniture will be put to good use by donating it to one of these shelters. Your table, chair, or sofa can help transform these shelters into comforting temporary homes for their clients.

To find a shelter in need, visit WomensShelters.org. It’s a great resource, with links to shelters in every state.

So, there’s no need to wonder where to donate used furniture any longer! Countless Chicago charities, as well as theater programs, religious organizations, and women’s shelters across the country, could use your living room possessions. Please, donate used furniture today!

Vince Nava is a 2013 summer marketing intern at Zealous Good, an in-kind donations marketplace in Chicago. You can find Vince on Google+, on Twitter at @vincenava or Zealous Good on Facebook and on Twitter at @ZealousGood.

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