Zealous Good Featured on ABC 7 Chicago: Zealous Good matches donors with non-profits in need

We’re pretty jazzed that Ron Majors started the segment off with¬†“It’s almost like online dating. Only here the couples being matched are generous donors and non-profit organizations that need some help.”¬†Take a look and enjoy this great piece!

For the full story on ABC 7 Chicago, click here.


  1. Janet Fendrych said:

    It was a very nice piece (the video). I’m wondering where the donated baby items were delivered: shows just dropping off on sidewalk & received by white male (not what one would expect given the previous views at the charity). The reason I ask: I have things to give, but cannot deliver all over the city since I am disabled and do not drive. If there were a central drop-off place I might be able to deliver while attending a medical/dental appointment in the central city.

    August 3, 2013
    • Kevin Binder said:

      Hi Janet! Thanks for getting in touch with us! When you submit a donation, you can choose to have it picked up at your place of residence, if that is convenient for you. If that doesn’t work for you, however, feel free to e-mail us at hello@zealousgood.com and we’ll make sure we’re able work something out!

      August 5, 2013

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