Zealous Good Pinterest Pride

Exciting things are happening on our Pinterest page. It’s been a month since we’ve revamped our boards, added new ones, and pinned several stunning photos. You can always find a comprehensive list of charity needs by clicking our Wishlists tab, but for a fun visual reminder be sure to check out our “Donations We Still Need” board. Here  you’ll see beautiful photographs of toothbrushes and sports equipment. It’s true, they are frame-worthy! 

We also have a “People Are Awesome” board that highlights the courageous people whose stories have touched us. If you know an awesome person that you’d like us to share, tweet us, Facebook us, or email me at ali@zealousgood.com. We would love you to share your story with our community!

Check out our other boards highlighting our partner charities, infographics, Good Thoughts, etc. We’re always adding to our boards and looking for suggestions on what people want to see from us. Follow us to see what great new things we have in store!

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