Zealous Good’s “Get up and Startup” Playlist

Inspired by GOOD’s “Make Your Own Meals” playlist, we thought it would be fun and helpful to share our “Get up and Startup” playlist. These are the songs that make us get up out of bed and into our startup headquarters. Enjoy! WARNING: Excessive dancing may occur. Remember to stay hydrated and take occasional work breaks.

1. Katy Perry- Wide Awake

Quite literally, the best song to wake up to.

2. Bruce Hornsby- The Way It Is

If you haven’t noticed, Zealous Good LOVES Bruce Hornsby. This is also the perfect motivational song for social good organizations to work to. Things CAN change, Bruce. We’re connecting charities to donors with in-kind donation items every day!

3. The Police- Every Little Thing She Does is Magic

Try listening to this song and not smiling. Early ’80s Sting, on an island with a tambourine and a fedora!

4. Toto- Africa

We can’t all bless the rains down in Africa. But we can all start an impromptu game of office limbo. This song is exactly the one to kick it off.

5. Florence + the Machine- Shake It Out

Belt it out! This song is a great way to find out what your coworkers think of your singing voice.

6. Destiny’s Child- Survivor

Nothing brings the team together like matching, tattered, island wear! Also, we like the message. Even when we’re wronged we’re not going to “blast you on the radio or diss you on the internet. We’re better than that.

7. Phil Collins- In the Air Tonight

A slow build but worth the wait. Nothing brings the team together like synchronized air drumming!

8. Bot’ox- Blue Steel

Agressive head nodding encouraged.

9. Paul Simon- You Can Call Me Al

The original “Call Me” song. Plus a flute solo and a young Chevy Chase.

10. The Talking Heads- This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)


Afternoon blues? Dreaming of home? This song on repeat will make that last hour fly by.


Steven Winwood- Higher Love


Why? Because your love can always be higher.



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  1. Brittany said:

    BEST. BLOG. EVER. And, best playlist. #Winning all around!

    July 3, 2012

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