10 Easy Ways to Make Someone’s Day

Most people go through each day making the best of their busy schedule by not doing things for “other” people because, let’s face it, it takes too much effort and we already have too much on our ever-growing plate. But, I am here to tell you that making someone else’s day is exceptionally easy and can make your day even better too!

Small acts of kindness can mean a lot and can instantly turn someone’s day around for the better. Besides that, studies have shown that doing positive things for other people can give you s sense of happiness and joy that can better your health! So don’t wait, here are ten ways to easily make someone’s day:

  1. Give a sincere compliment. This is one of the easiest and effective ways to make someone feel good about themselves and better their day.
  2. Hold the door for someone. The simple act of holding a door open for someone is enough to brighten someone’s day and prove that chivalry is still alive (or close to it).
  3. Volunteer at your local charity. There’s nothing better than making someone’s day better by actually doing things that help their everyday life. Whether you volunteer at your local soup kitchen or animal shelter, your community will thank you!
  4. Start up a conversation with a stranger. Whether you’re taking the train or waiting in line, strike up a conversation with the person next to you. More times than not, it is likely to make their day and yours as well! And who knows, maybe you’ll meet a future friend or partner!
  5. Buy a meal for a homeless person. Most homeless people don’t know when their next meal will come, so make their day by buying it for them! I once bought a nice homeless man a burger and he even sat down and ate with me. I can honestly say he made my day too!
  6. Tell someone how much they really mean to you. Most of us go through our days knowing how we feel about someone but never really tell them because we think they already know. Telling someone how much they mean to you will reinforce how you feel about them and make both of your days brighter!
  7. Hug someone. Hugs release a type of hormone in our bodies that instantly make us feel better. So if you know that someone is having a bad day, give them a hug and make their day!
  8. Flash someone a smile. We all know that smiling is contagious, so brighten someone’s day by flashing them a genuine smile, if it’s a stranger even better!
  9. Help someone with an expired parking meter. Using the spare change in your pocket to pay a meter that’s close to expiring will definitely make someone’s day. Imagine thinking you might have a ticket on your car because of your expired meter and come out to find that it’s not the case!
  10. Give what you can. If you have any items around your house that you don’t need anymore, but them in a box and take them to your local charity or hand them out to homeless people on the street. This is likely to surprise them and make their day!

Making someone’s day is incredibly easy and self-fulfilling. So, send positive vibes and actions throughout your community and make this world a better and happier place!

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