13 Cutest Charity Photos of This Summer

I have been fortunate enough to spend the my summer meeting the great people behind the organizations Zealous Good works with! My Nikon D5100 and I have been to the ‘burbs, downtown, North and South, capturing awesome charity photos of the sweet kiddos and hardworking volunteers that make up the Chicago non-profit world. Below are 13 cutest things I’ve seen thus far this summer. I deem these charity photos absolutely adorable and share-worthy.

1. The pooches taking a dip at Found Chicago’s Scrub-A-Pup dog wash:


2. The toddler room trouble-makers at the St. Vincent de Paul Center:


3. The Play-Doh pizza makers at New Moms Inc.:


4. The sleepyheads at Catnap from the Heart:


5. The hula-hooping champions at the St. Vincent de Paul Center:


6. The professionalism academy grads at New Moms, along with their study-buddys:


7. The grateful pups taking baths at Found Chicago:


8. All the toddler room action from St. Vincent:


9. The feline secretaries at Catnap from the Heart:


10. The best office pals ever, seriously:


11. The new riders at St. Vincent:


12. The young children wondering what I’m doing with this camera:


13. The happy faces at New Moms:


Remember, your donations keep help keep these non-profits running! One tricycle donation could turn into countless cute pictures of toddlers on tricycles! Hop onto ZealousGood.com today to keep the cuteness flowing from more charity photos!

Stephanie Tarrant is a 2013 visual storytelling intern at Zealous Good, an in-kind donations marketplace in Chicago. You can find Zealous Good on Facebook or on Twitter at @ZealousGood.

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