3 Social Enterprises Solving Unique Issues

heartnposNon-Profits and social good companies can sometimes get generalized as just “doing good” for society. Many social good organizations come up with amazing, inventive ideas that everyone should know about! Here are a few social enterprises that have come up with unique ways to help many people all over the world:

TOMS Marketplace is a new subset of the TOMS company that gives in a different way. The marketplace shows products of selected  businesses that are committed to giving back all over the world. This unique marketplace supports the companies that help as well as subsequently helping the causes. The site is broken up into different ways to look for products. You can shop by brand, cause, or region of the world that would like to support. The causes include animal shelters, educational, nutrition causes and many more. They have many different products on the site so why not check it out! TOMS has developed a place people can buy the things they want while supporting so many different causes. It promotes socially conscious shopping!

The company Naja has developed a non profit called “Underwear for Hope” that puts its profits into teaching poverty stricken Columbian single mothers to sew and then employs them! This way of doing business is helpful in many ways! It teaches the women a skill and giving them an income by employing them. This not only helps them, but also their children and community. It is continuing the trend of women helping women.

A new initiative in Brazil is making it easily for everyone to travel. The initiative, Troco Colectivo, created by the company Mark+ has put posters on bus stops and in buses that has pockets where people can leave spare change. Then if less wealthy people need spare change to ride the bus they can use what is in the pockets. This campaign does rely heavily on the trust of others, but they believe it could create a great sense of community! If it does well it could be implemented all over!

All these companies are doing business and also helping people in different ways. Their way of business can influence social good all over the world. To check out other non profits doing great things look at Zealous Good! See how you can help them on the charities page!

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