5 Corporate Volunteer Program Ideas


Whether your company already has a corporate volunteer program and is looking for new volunteer opportunities, or you’re looking to start a new company initiative, there are plenty of ways you and your coworker can lend a hand.  Here are a few volunteer ideas that would be great for a group project:

1. Paint a mural for children at a local school. Creating a long-lasting piece of art is a great way to ensure your volunteering has permanence.

2. Help plant a community garden. Community gardens provide access to traditional produce or nutritionally rich foods that may otherwise be unavailable to low-income families and individuals.

3. Beautify a park. Maintain a favorite community gathering place by picking up trash, pulling weeds, planting flowers, trimming bushes and more! Check out your city’s park district website for specific volunteer opportunities.

4. Play with children pre and post surgery. Hospitals provide many opportunities for corporate volunteer programs to help out. Be a much-needed distraction for kids before and after surgery, just by being your goofy self!

5. Serve meals at a homeless shelter. Give the homeless members of your community a warm meal and a smiling face. Find a homeless shelter near you on the Homeless Shelter Directory.

Does your company have a corporate volunteer program? Have you been a part of a successful volunteer project? Has volunteering at work improved team morale? Share your experiences here or on Facebook or Twitter!

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