5 Things To Do NOW Before the Holiday Season Begins

The holiday season comes along every year at the same time, yet everyone rushes around like it springs up unexpectedly! Instead of waiting for the chaos to ensue in December, why not start your holiday planning early. Here are some things you can get a jump-start on now so the holidays will be less stressful and more enjoyable:
Plan Gift Giving: It’s always good to keep a list handy of gift ideas. If you have a smartphone, keep a digital list on the phone so you’ll have less to keep track of. You can even snap photos of gift ideas while you’re out.  Now is also a good time to purchase hostess/emergency gifts to keep on hand.
Order Holiday Cards: Gather your lists and order cards now. You will also get to take advantage of early bird discounts. Address and stamp the cards, then set a reminder on the calendar to mail during the season.
Party Planning: Decide if you’ll be entertaining during the holidays. Set dates, make lists, and get the space ready to welcome guests. Schedule handymen and service calls now before the rush begins.
Freezer Ready: If you have an extra freezer, start to whittle it down in preparation for the holiday deluge. You can also freeze cookie dough to get a jump-start on baking.
Organize Your Space: Don’t stuff everything in a back closet when guests come to town. Clear through cluttered spaces, donate what you’re not using and make all the preparations now so your space is well organized and looking fabulous when guests and family members arrive.
With some simple planning in advance, you’ll reap the rewards of a less stressful, more organized holiday season ahead.

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