5 Tips to Have the Best Winter Yard Sale!

Need to clear out your home for the new year? A good way to go would be a winter yard sale! Here are some helpful tips on hosting the best yard sale your neighborhood has ever seen this weekend!

  1. Find out if there are any restrictions your neighborhood or local government may have regarding yard sales. You may find that some areas may require a permit and/or a limit on how many yard sales a house is allowed to have per year.
  2. Advertise! Advertisements will bring in more people…and the more people the more $$$ for you! Try using several different methods. Advertise your yard sale on social media on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Your local community based websites may have free classifieds and your local Craiglist “For Sale” section may a Garage Sale category.
  3. Call in the Team! Don’t take on a yard sale on your own! Friends or family are a good resource to team up with because it will give you more options of items to sell and it will give you more help. Divvying up the responsibilities makes a yard sale much more manageable and just makes it more fun when you’re doing it with friends and family!
  4. Signs! After your signs are up, drive past them and see if you can read them easily. IF you can’t, nobody else can either! A good rule of thumb is to not try to cram too many words on the signs. Key elements to include are: yard sale, the date of sale, street name and a big, bold arrow pointing the way. After your sale is over, don’t forget to take down your signs!
  5. Inventory each item on a sheet of paper as you identify it for sale. Don’t forget this step because it can make your sale go a lot smoother. Price tags can get lost in all the hustle and bustle of a garage sale, and it’s awkward and hectic to come up with a fair price on the spot. An inventory list solves this problem!

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