7 Good Questions with Andrea North

Last summer Zealous Good team member, Laura, started a donor interview series on the blog. When Laura left, the interview series went with her. This summer we’re reviving and revamping Laura’s concept so you can get to know the people behind the donations. Today, we’re talking to Andrea North, a super donor who has donated, among other things, clothing to St. Vincent de Paul Center and linens to ChildServ.  

1. Tell me about yourself/your job.

I am from Chicago, I have lived in Baltimore, Cleveland and Thailand but have always returned here. I currently work in management for an internet florist. I am a single mother of 2 teen boys. I garden, play video games, love the lakefront and sailing. I love our city in summer, all the festivals, movies in the park and general feel of fun we have!

2. How did you hear about Zealous Good? 

I think I was doing a search for places to drop donations and stumbled across it.

3. Why did you decide to use Zealous Good to donate your item(s)?

My father passed away last summer and my step-mum moved here from AL where they lived. She couldn’t bear to go through everything so she moved it all here. I have been helping her go through and donating the items a few loads at a time. Mostly clothing, linens and art supplies.

4. What is your favorite part about Zealous Good?

Being matched with groups in need and having the option to wait for a group that perhaps supports your personal interest more than another.

5. What’s your favorite spot to find peace and quiet in Chicago?

The lagoon in Lincoln Park off the zoo.

6. Who is your do gooder role model? 

Likely the Dahli Lama.

7. Deep dish or thin crust?

Thin crust.

If you have donated through Zealous Good and would like to answer 7 Good Questions email Ali at ali@zealousgood.com! We love to hear good answers!

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