A Chair-itable Donation Story Part 2!

Back in April we told you about a chair donation given to the interns at i.c.stars. Chairs, as it turns out, are where most of us spend our workdays. And having the right one means never having to say, “do you know a chiropractor?” Today we’re happy to announce that the lumbar support is back! An impressive 23 chairs were donated to the staff and students at Young Chicago Authors (YCA.) Here’s what they had to say:

“YCA is loving its new chairs! I am so much more comfortable and my back is much happier. Our executive director said “they make the office” and everyone who comes in to our space comments on the professional, uniform look. To make matters even better, we “paid it forward” and gave some of the chairs that we replaced to students, who were delighted to have them for their home workspaces.”

Jenny Adams and Marie Pabelonio, Development Interns, in old folding chair and lawn chair


Jenny and Marie ecstatic about their "new" chairs


Demetrius Amparan, Director of Publications and Communication, in his rehabbed work space.


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