A Chair-itable Donation Story

If you are standing right now, you’re going to want to take a seat. Don’t worry, it’s not bad news. It’s chair news. Now that you’re seated, think about your chair. If this is the first time you’re evaluating your seating situation then you are not one of the thousands of Americans afflicted with Broken-Down-Back-Breaking-Chair or BDBBC syndrome. The interns at, i.c.stars, a workforce development and leadership training program, use to be BDBBC sufferers but thanks to a generous donation of six new conference chairs they no longer have to spend their days squirming in their seats.

New chairs for i.c.stars' interns provide maximum comfort to tackle any job

Paul Brown, Account Manager at i.c.stars, shares exactly how the donated chairs have helped the interns accomplish their work:

“Through a generous donation from a corporate sponsor who, oddly enough, was located just next door, we received six new conference chairs. These chairs provide comfort for the interns as they spend 60–80 hours each week over the course of four months, working hard on their three client engagements: 1) working with nonprofits on a Web development or CRM solution assessment/implementation, 2) writing a business plan and preparing for a pitch in front of a panel of venture capitalists, and 3) responding to an RFP from a Fortune 500 company.”

If you have a chair you would like to contribute to one of our charities or if you have any items you think would improve the day to day operations of an organization consider donating your excess goods through Zealous Good. We’d love to find your perfect match!

i.c.stars interns' rising to a new level of cool with their new conference chairs

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