A Night with L’Arche Chicago

We all keep certain items “just in case,” I know I do. I had been keeping my laptop from college for a few years and even took the time to pack and move it – three times and across two states! One day, I finally realized I would never need this computer, but someone else might.


I decided to donate my laptop to L’Arche Chicago, a community of adults with and without developmental disabilities residing together and sharing daily lives. While discussing drop-off plans with their development and outreach coordinator, John, I was extended a dinner invitation to meet the residents of L’Arche Chicago’s Angel House.

I was really touched by the dinner invitation and how welcoming they were when I arrived. I hadn’t been in the apartment long before house member, Christianne, gave me her business card to keep in touch, told me countless stories and offered a tour of their home. During dinner I sat next to Tim, an art and fitness enthusiast and our chef for the night. He prepared vegan black bean burgers with regular and sweet potato fries. Not only was the meal incredible, but also much healthier  than anything I would have made at home.


They discussed setting up times to catch up with each other in coming weeks, asked all about my life, shared details of their new kitchen donation and invited me to community nights. I learned a lot about their organization that night, but was most impacted by the members of their Angel House family. If you’re looking for an opportunity to become involved with a charity, I highly recommend L’Arche. You can also help by donating to their team as I did. Learn about their in-kind needs on their Zealous Good Charity Profile Page. If you’re lucky, you might even get an invitation for dinner!


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