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Today we have a guest post from our good buddies at Digital Third Coast about a great opportunity for non-profits in Chicago! Take a look!

I’m Adam Bruk and I’m an account manager at Digital Third Coast, one of the partners for Chicago Cause 2013. I’m very excited to be working with a company that’s dedicated to giving back to the local Chicago community!

Chicago Cause 2013Chicago Cause

There are hundreds of charities throughout the Chicagoland area that are working hard to make the city a better place for everyone. Whether they’re raising awareness for a disease or helping those in need throughout the city, they all have one common goal: help as many people in need of their goods and/or services as possible. When the volunteers and staff focus all their efforts into serving the community, they often look their marketing strategy. Without a marketing strategy, how will those in need know the non-profit exists? That’s where Chicago Cause comes to the rescue!

Chicago Cause is a partnership that was formed between 7 local businesses in Chicago to provide marketing services to local non-profits. In short, our goal is to help non-profits help more people in need of their services in Chicago. This year, we are giving away over $64,000 worth of marketing and web design services to three worthy charities. You can learn more about Chicago Cause and the SEO services we’ll be giving away here.

Last year, the winner of our SEO site audit was Snow City Arts and they greatly benefited from our recommendations. After implementing our audit recommendations, they saw overall traffic to their website increase by 72% in just 6 months. During that same period, organic traffic (traffic coming from the search engines) increased by 37%. You can learn more about our 2012 Chicago Cause winner here.

We welcome all non-profits that meet the following 4 requirements to enter to win our services:

  1. You MUST have a Chicago mailing address
  2. Be a 501 (c)3 organization
  3. Demonstrate financial need for web and marketing services to better serve a philanthropic cause
  4. Have a desire to improve the Chicago community

If you meet the above criteria, then what are you waiting for? Head on over and submit your application by Friday, September 27, 2013. We can’t wait to read your applications and help you with your mission of helping those in need throughout Chicago!


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