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Non-profits are always looking for ways to build capacity and increase their outcomes.  As organizations grow and expand they may need to increase their staff, find volunteers or get help with building a website or with fundraising. Below are a few resources that can be helpful for non-profits.


Foundation Directory:…

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In-Kind Donations 101: A Guide to In-Kind Donations

Ever heard of an in-kind donation? Have excess items laying around that you no longer use? Looking for a way to help others in need? This guide to in-kind donations will provide you with what you need to know and how they can…

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If you wanted to know how to start a non-profit organization then read on below. Hiring a lawyer can definitely be helpful and the if you follow the steps below you can greatly minimize the time and costs associated of having a lawyer by gathering the relevant information beforehand.

Step #1:…

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Fundraising is the process of soliciting and gathering voluntary contributions of money or other resources, by requesting donations from individuals, businesses, foundations or government agencies. Fundraising is critical in running a non-profit organization. Non-profits need funds to support their mission and maintain their operations. Funds will go directly to programming…

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Donating your excess items is a great way to give back and make an impact. There are health benefits to donating which include being happier and decreased stress. Donating can also give you greater satisfaction by helping others in need. But there could also be another…

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Giving to charity is a great thing to do! Whether it is donating money, in-kind goods or volunteering. Giving has a direct impact on others and even has health benefits for you! There are over one million registered 501(c)(3) charity organizations in the US…

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Ashley G. English Teacher

At Zealous Good we always enjoy receiving stories from our charity members of how donations have made an impact in the work they do. It shows us just how powerful in-kind donations can be and how they can make a difference. Common…

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Donating items to charity is a great way to make an impact with the things you no longer are using! It gives your goods a second life and can be used directly by a charity while also reducing their direct costs of helping those in…

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For charities there are many great resources that they can take advantage of whether they have just gotten started and are looking for ways to increase awareness of their cause or if they are well established and are looking for better ways to fundraise. Charity…

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