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Starting this week, we’re beginning a new segment called Charity Spotlight  where we introduce one of our Zealous Good partner organizations and the good that it does around its community. For this segment we’ll be focusing on a local Chicagoland non-profit organization called Bernie’s Book Bank that provides books for at-risk children…

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Who said that the internet couldn’t be used to do good? The infographic below from this Mashable article shows that not only do people care immensely about each other, but that the internet can do more than just provide us with cute cat pictures and Facebook    it can…

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Saturday-morning cartoons have been with us for more than half a century. Let that soak in. We’ve been waking up at the crack of dawn to watch cartoons for more than 50 years! As time has progressed, we’ve become increasingly more absorbed into television with new addicting shows like Breaking Bad or Suits to the point where 

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One of my favorite childhood memories is my dad reading to me before I went to sleep. I can’t imagine what my childhood would have been without it. It was one of those origin moments that I can point to as the reason for why something is the way it…

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What’s your favorite food to eat on Fourth of July? Burgers? Hot dogs? Buttery corn-on-the-cob?

As Independence Day draws nearer, we’re all getting ready to fire up the grill and make a feast to share. If your old grill is sitting in the garage collecting dust because it was replaced by…

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