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Think about that old set of china stacked in the back of your cabinet. It’s pretty dusty and you might not even remember what it looks like but we’re positive you have a steady emotional attachment to it. Dishes are tough to get rid of because they may have been…

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Well here’s an interesting look at the rich and famous! A campaign called The Giving Pledge, started by Warren Buffet is reaching out to other American billionaires who are also willing to contribute their money for noble and charitable causes.

Here are some highlights from the list! Be sure to check…

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Need to clear out your home for the new year? A good way to go would be a winter yard sale! Here are some helpful tips on hosting the best yard sale your neighborhood has ever seen this weekend!

Find out if there are any restrictions your neighborhood or local government…

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You’ve heard it all. Donate school supplies to schools, homeless shelters, tutoring programs, anywhere it can be reused for the purpose it was made for. You can find the past blog post here. Now we want to tell you of ways to use school supplies in alternative ways and…

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Most people will tell you that the kitchen is the most important room of the house. It’s where parents teach their kids how to cook, where families eat together and share their daily lives, and mainly where bellies are filled. Unfortunately there are a lot of families who don’t have…

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Memories are often best remembered by old pictures that have been passed on in the family of times past. Cameras capture a moment in time that can be remembered for generations to come. It used to be that pictures were taken with film and then digital cameras, but with the…

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Pets are the most loyal creatures on earth who only want their owner’s attention. No wonder there’s sayings like “Dogs are man’s best friend” because it really is true. Nowadays, pets are regarded as part of the family because you start to care for them like they are. Even though…

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The holiday season comes along every year at the same time, yet everyone rushes around like it springs up unexpectedly! Instead of waiting for the chaos to ensue in December, why not start your holiday planning early. Here are some things you can get a jump-start on now so the…

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How did you find yourself here? With a big conference table and nowhere to go with it. Fade in a sappy song with a person breaking up with their conference table. Despair not, we’ll help you painlessly say goodbye to your wonderful conference table by finding another person who can…

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