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Think about that old set of china stacked in the back of your cabinet. It’s pretty dusty and you might not even remember what it looks like but we’re positive you have a steady emotional attachment to it. Dishes are tough to get rid of because they may have been…

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In the cold nights of this long winter we suggest settling in with a nice hot cup of tea, thick fuzzy blanket and a book that pulls you in until the wee hours of the morning until the fire stops crackling. There are a few roundups of excellent book recommendations…

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How can music be used to create social change? Let’s jam to some new tunes and find out!

Music2Life: Music2Life designs music-based, social-change experiences that inspire people to act. Music2Life began as a national social-change songwriting contest that has since grown into a nonprofit creative production group. They seek to…

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In the mood for something new and fresh for dinner? Try one of these new restaurants in Chicago that work to provide sustainable, local fare for their hungry customers.

uncommon ground: Uncommon Ground is host to the nation’s first certified organic rooftop farm.  They annual grow a diverse range of…

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Is your closet bursting with clothes you never wear anymore or maybe have never worn to begin with? Are old books that you haven’t cracked opened in years practically falling off of your bookshelves? More than likely, there are numerous things lying around your house that haven’t been used in…

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Have you ever thought about volunteering while you are on vacation? As the world has gotten more global, opportunities to participate in volunteer travel are becoming increasingly common. If you are wondering why you should incorporate giving back into your next adventure, take a look at the list below…and then…

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