Crowdfunding for Nonprofits

You don’t need a big team and budget to raise funds for your nonprofit. Crowdfunding for nonprofits works best when you have a dedicated group of passionate supporters and brand ambassadors. This was the takeaway of last week’s “Crowding Around Your Cause” Eventbrite class hosted by startups SocialRaise and Tix 4 Cause.

Having recently developed our own brand loyalty program, the class let me further explore how to equip Zealous Good fans. Here’s what else I learned about successfully crowdfunding for nonprofits:

  • Consider the options. We discussed a handful of the most popular crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Causevox. You need to do your research and determine which sites are set up to handle nonprofits.
  • Focus on small asks. Your crowdfunded campaign should be supporting a smaller budget project. These are the opportunities to ask for $5 or $10 here and there to install, for example, a $500 swing set in a playground.
  • Do not overlook intern or volunteer help. Cassie, from SocialRaise, suggested assigning small crowdfunded campaigns to junior level staff, who will be happy for the opportunity to prove themselves.
  • Find your “Mom Managers.” While a large population of Facebook users are vocal mothers, this term can really be applied to any of your most zealous followers. At Zealous Good, we’ve determined our ZIPs (Zealous and Important People) by tracking top donors and most frequent social media supporters. Start marking down your brand’s biggest fans and then reach out to them!

What’s a small budget project you need to raise money for? Who is the most vocal supporter in your network? Crowdfunding for nonprofits is an especially viable option because of the low time and money commitment that goes into it. Have you completed a successful crowdfunded campaign? Leave us a comment below or find us on Facebook and Twitter!

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