Donating A Conference Table

How did you find yourself here? With a big conference table and nowhere to go with it. Fade in a sappy song with a person breaking up with their conference table. Despair not, we’ll help you painlessly say goodbye to your wonderful conference table by finding another person who can take care of it. There are non-profits that need them!

First let’s talk about the benefits of donating a conference table as opposed to throwing it away.

Dumping a wood or plastic conference table in a landfill can cause serious damage in a couple of ways. The high gloss finish on wooden tables is made from synthetic polyurethanes, which can seep into the ground and water ways. Additionally, plastic conference tables give off BPA that will eventually find its way to you. Not the sort of make-up you were hoping for from your conference table. Let’s all agree to avoid the messy breakup and find it the table a new home.

On to more positive topics. When you donate a conference table, you will have effectively prevented the production of another table. If your table is wood, you saved a tree! Go you! If it’s synthetic, you prevented a factory’s chemical release in production. You’re the best!

Now that you know why you should donate a conference table, we’ll show you who needs one and how to do it.

High Schools
While a conference table would be too tall for elementary school students, it’s perfect for high school students. Your beloved conference table might be used for debate team, administrative meeting rooms, mock trial, or as teacher break rooms. If you’re in the Chicagoland area, consider donating to CPS schools. The number to call for CPS donations is: 773-553-1545.

Professional Training Centers
Centers that provide job application and interviewing skills are definitely looking for conference and office tables to simulate a real work environment. Putting America Back to Work does just that by helping find employment for Americans who are having trouble during the economic recession.

Art Programs
Having a large space to just create art sounds like the best thing since sliced bread. To name a few programs that are charities on the Zealous Good site, there is the Chicago Opera Theater, Bronzeville Artist Incubator, and Near Northwest Arts Council.

Tap into your personal network and you might find an organization that needs a conference table. When you donate a conference table, you’re engaging in sustainable action to protect the environment we all live in. And you’re saving the recipient big bucks! Doesn’t that feel good? Zealously Good.


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