Donor Gives Maternity Clothes and Time to Charity

Isn’t it nice when one good deed creates another?  At Zealous Good, we love it when donors become volunteers at the nonprofits they’ve donated to. Which is exactly what happened at Marillac St. Vincent Family Services, a nonprofit on the north side of Chicago. This story is a true win-win!

Marillac Center’s Director of Development, Tracie Frederick, describes how her partnership with donor Tracy P. came about:  “Tracey P. responded to our request on the Zealous Good site. We requested her maternity clothes donation for our Project Hope program, which serves pregnant and parenting teen moms and their families.”

A Project Hope mom
A Project Hope mom

Donor Tracy P. says, “The entire donation process through Zealous Good couldn’t have been easier. I just went to the website, typed in ‘maternity clothes’, and got an email saying I was matched with a Marillac person who would contact me. She did right away.”

Tracy P. says that even after she dropped off the maternity clothes, she stayed in contact with Tracie Frederick from Marillac. “She invited me to talk to the girls so I did, and I plan to do it again in the future.”

Frederick says that Tracy P., “helped the girls out in ways she may not have even realized at the time,” and adds, “She was a great addition as she is a mom herself to two boys, one 2 months and one who is a toddler.  She added insight to the meeting and was able to hear about the different stories and trials these girls go through.”

Home of Project Hope
Home of Project Hope

It’s not every day that a simple donation leads to a new friendship, but when it does, it’s the kind of ‘two-fer’ Zealous Good loves to share!

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Lise Dominique is the Storyteller  of Zealous Good, an in-kind donations marketplace in Chicago. You can find Lise on Twitter at @LiseDominique  or her website or Zealous Good on Facebook and Twitter

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