Why Fall is the Best Season to Donate


Cleaning out your closet is usually considered a springtime activity, but it turns out charities often need more donations in the fall. This year, why not do a little autumn cleaning and find out why fall is the best season to donate by helping out a great nonprofit!

Charities’ needs for the fall generally fall into three categories:

Financial support:

Charities that work with students, like Mudlark Theater Company or ArtReach at Lillstreet, generally need financial support at the beginning of the school year. As Mudlark director of education and outreach Christina Lepri says, “Fall is a critical time of year for us as we have a whole host of after school classes, productions, and free creative writing workshops. This leaves us precious little time for fundraising events or volunteer outreach.” Making a financial donation to a charity in the fall would definitely be appreciated!


Often, a charity’s fiscal year ends in June but its grant funding doesn’t come in until the end of the calendar year in December. Donating to a nonprofit in the fall allows them to keep helping people during this lull. For nonprofits like Jane Addams Resource Corporation, which provides employment and job training resources, getting donations of office/school supplies and professional clothing in the fall helps them manage gaps in funding. Check your favorite charity’s donation wish list and send some great donations their way! Don’t know who to send them to? Use Zealous Good to explore different nonprofits in the Chicago area.


Many nonprofits host silent auctions in the fall to raise funds for the organization. Volunteers can help lighten the load of putting together big events! Additionally, charities that work alongside schools often encourage volunteers who are willing to make longer-term commitments to sign up in the fall. Organizations like Cabrini Connections, ArtReach at Lillstreet, and SitStayRead are great places to start volunteering this fall!

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