Get Organized in the Kitchen and Let the Party Begin!

This is a guest post from professional organizers Ashley Murphy and Molly Graves of Neat Method. This post is the last installment in our Spring Cleaning with Zeal campaign. Check back next week for a roundup of all our spring clean guest bloggers and a big thank you!

As everyone knows, spring is officially the cleaning season. No one knows why, but we at NEAT are happy that it happened and frankly, want to high-five whoever is behind it! Although we do not consider ourselves “cleaners,” we do have a few tips on how you can begin organizing your home! Every good home deserves a clean, and well-organized kitchen!! Let’s face it; the kitchen is where every party migrates to! So if you don’t want to end up with a party of one, check out our four fast tips to getting your kitchen in tip-top shape!

Tip #1 – Clean Before the Cleaning Lady Arrives          

Remember when you were growing up and your Mom made you clean your room because the cleaning lady was coming? We swore we would never do something so silly, until we became obsessed with organizing! As you prepare for spring-cleaning, consider condensing your cleaning products and purchasing a cleaning supplies organizer for storage. Not only does it make your products look nice (yes, we think that is important), but it also makes for easier carrying from room to room.

Tip #2 – Set Limits

By having containers within your home, it makes it effortless to see when it is time to eliminate items. For example, saving rag towels for future cleaning use is perfectly acceptable…except when you have 500 rags.  Consider purchasing a nice basket for rag towels to place under your sink (next to your perfectly organized cleaning supplies of course). When the basket is over flowing, make an effort to eliminate some of the older, worn rags.

Tip #3 – Embrace the Freezer Burn

It is so easy to purchase items, put them in the freezer, and then forget they even exist! Solve the problem by labeling your items as soon as you put them away with these handy NEAT calendar stickers! Purchase blank Avery stickers and print them on your home computer to use immediately. Before you get too excited over these
new labels, deal with your freezer’s current status. Dispose of food you either a) don’t remember purchasing or b) is too freezer burned to identify!

Tip #4 – Repeat 

You know all that hard work you just put into your freezer? Well give your refrigerator the same amount of TLC. If you love what the stickers have done to your freezer, use them again here. More importantly, treat yourself to some ADORABLE Fridge Coasters. These are easy to clean and can be removed from your refrigerator when there happens to be a spill. Did we mention how much of a facelift they will give your fridge??

Hopefully these fun and easy tips will help get you on the right foot with your own Spring-Cleaning. Oh, and when your kitchen is clean and you have your next party, be sure to invite NEAT!

The NEAT Girls

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  1. Nancy said:

    Love the fridge coasters! Brilliant idea!

    May 19, 2012

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