Growing Home, Inc.

In a fantasy world where produce can speak, they would have stories to tell. They could tell us exactly how many hands they passed through before being piled on a farmer’s market table. And they could brag about how many lives they’ve affected in their short lives.

Thanks to today’s featured member, Growing Home, Inc, we don’t have to wait for a vegetable uprising. By using organic agriculture as a vehicle for job training, employment, and community development, Growing Home gets impoverished Chicagoans back on their feet. Growing Home graduates tell the success stories that vegetables can’t.

Growing Home operates four farms in and around Chicago. Participants in the job training program work at all four sites to get a well-rounded farming experience. Along with hands-on experience, Growing Home participants log class hours in classes that include Horticulture and Soils, Financial Literacy, and Nutrition.

With an emphasis on the transformational possibilities that come with learning to nurture and grow food, Growing Home is a groundbreaker in workforce development programs.

Learn more about Growing Home including where to buy their produce, visiting their farms, and applying for job training on their website and check out their full wish list here.


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