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When I decided what my next blog post was going to be, I figured it would be relatively easy to write about. How hard could it be to explain that donating boosts employee morale? I have to admit, I had a bit of writers block at first. But then I decided to do what any procrastinating college student does when they’ve waited too long to start their paper, I went to Google.

A search for “happy worker” gave me over a million results and I knew I was on to something. Minus a few links about a Tori Amos song, the first 6 pages alone have links to articles, studies, and blog posts that all say the same thing: a happy worker is the best employee.

To put it more eloquently I looked to Humanenature@Work, a consulting firm that uses what they know about human nature to help organizations bring out the best in their employees. They explain that high morale is key to a worker’s happiness. And to have high morale you need “an intrinsically rewarding work experience: a work experience where employees feel respected, valued, and appreciated; a work experience where employees get to be players and not just hired hands, a work experience where they get to make a difference. With such a work experience…[employees] want to come to work and do their best.”

That all sounds great, but maybe you’re asking yourself “how do I raise and maintain morale where I work?” Well look no further! Zealous Good can help you raise your employee’s morale and keep it up. Donating to non-profits covers all of the bases of a rewarding work experience:

  1. Zealous Good wants what your business and your employees don’t need, which allows employees to feel like they are “players and not just hired hands”
  2. Employees will help make a difference when your business donates your goods and services to one of our non-profits
  3. After your business donates to a non-profit in need, employees will feel a sense of pride, respect and appreciation for the business they work for (you!)

So a simple math equation for you:

Zealous good + Your Company’s Donations = Happy Workers


Brittany Martin Graunke is the founder of Zealous Good, an in-kind donations marketplace in Chicago. You can find Brittany on Google+ or on Twitter at @ZealousBrittany. You can find Zealous Good on Facebook and Zealous Good on Twitter at @ZealousGood.

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