Helping in a Green Way

Spring in Chicago's Millenium Park.Spring has finally sprung!!! Earth day is here and I always wonder what I can do to help the environment. While even global warming may be nice after the winter we have had, I would like to reduce my impact on the environment. Clearly, planting a tree is always a good idea but I wanted to find a new, different ways to help. Luckily, people come up with new innovative ideas to restore or help the environment everyday. Here are some new ideas that you may want to look into or try!

  • Some UK students got together and invented an edible water blob called Ooho! that could replace plastic water bottles. Made of biodegradable material to create a membrane around the water the blob is easy to carry and completely fine if you throw it away or if you are feeling hungry you can even eat it! This is much less harmful than bottles and could eventually replace the use of plastic.
  • All the way in South Africa there is new innovative public transportation. The company Mellowcabs use electric cabs that are funded by advertising, so they are free!! This is a great way to get around on crowded streets and advertisers take advantage of the easy to spot cabs! These cabs are one of the most eco- friendly vehicles and it makes them all the better that they are free! This new transportation provides both free public transportation as well as being eco-friendly. It would be great to bring this idea to cities across America.
  • In America, there are so many organizations that try to help the environment in some way or another. In the Chicago area there are┬ánumerous organizations that help preserve wilderness including Citizens for Conservation. They work to educate people on good environmental practices and the value of natural resources. They also preserve and restore lands around the Chicago area. Volunteering for an organization like this is a great way to physically help preserve the land. If you can not volunteer you can also donate to their cause and many others through the Zealous Good charities page.

There are so many ways to reduce our impact on the environment, these are just a few. Check out organizations in your area for new ideas or if you are in the Chicago area check out Zealous Good! Whatever you do will make a difference so just try something new!

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