Holiday Challenge Deliveries Part 1

Hello everyone.

Our first blog after the website launch is coming from me, Jesse. I have been with Zealous Good for over a month and help with non-profit relations. I am currently a senior at Northern Illinois University and am majoring in Finance with a minor in Social Entrepreneurship. You also might know me as the voice behind @ZealousGood while we were dropping off the donations a few weeks ago!

I know that you all are still in awe of our new website. If you are reading this then it means you have actually gotten past the home page and are exploring our greatly improved new home. We hope that those that are still in a state of shock and are still staring at the home page will be able to find their way over to the blog section. Here at Zealous Good we move fast so even though we are just as excited as you are about the website there is work that needs to be done.

Remember our Holiday Challenge back in December? Oh yeah, the one where generous donors like yourself graciously contributed more than $5,000 in total to help us buy gifts for our charities.  For those who were constantly refreshing the page anxiously waiting for an update, the wait is over. We promised that we would update you and we like to keep our promises. Here is your first update – yes, there will be more! We have lots of things to drop off and one day wasn’t enough! Brittany, Jeremy and I set out with a trunk full of gifts to give to our member charities. Here is a rundown of the charities visited and the gifts they received:

We also made a stop at St. Vincent De Paul Center and saw that their class had just finished putting up the indoor greenhouse. The best part of the experience was hearing how these gifts were going to be used by the charities. Michelle at Teen Living Program told us how grateful they were and that the digital camera was going to one of their members that had a camera stolen from them. At RML Specialty Hospital we heard about how the portable DVD players were going to be used by their patients to keep them entertained as they recover from their illness.

Diapers were a big theme for the day and Brittany’s trunk was full of them. New Moms and Marillac Social Center both requested them for the challenge and we know how important diapers are for parents in need and their kids.

It was great to make a connection with some of our member charities on this day and hear how they will be better able to serve and help those in need. At the end of the day Brittany thanked me for coming along and helping with the drop off but it was me that was thanking her as I got to witness firsthand what we do for others in a zealously good way. See what you can donate to these and other charities in need by clicking here.




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    March 12, 2012

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