How Positive Is Your Inbox?

Students in an Easter Seals classroom play with their new baby doll donation.
Students in an Easter Seals classroom play with their new baby doll donation.

Call us biased, but the emails we get at Zealous Good are phenomenal. Just the other day we received this heartwarming message from the volunteer manager at Easter Seals DuPage and the Fox Valley region,

“Our kiddos are so thankful for all of the new toy (donations)! They made new play dough, so they can “cook and create” with all of the new play dough toys! Imaginations are running wild in the room now, with dreams of being vets as they play with the toys and dreams of being parents as they take care of their baby dolls!

Thank you donors!”

This email has since been forwarded to the donor, so that she may delight in her decision to donate! At Zealous Good, we bring the positivity to your inbox. This means, after your donation has been matched, we’ll follow-up with you on how your item is being used. Nonprofits may even provide photos and/or a longer story of your item’s impact.

Aside from nonprofit and donor emails, we are constantly delighted by newsletters from these companies:

1. Give Forward: an online fundraising platform that allows you to raise money for a loved one in need.

2. GOOD: a global community of, by, and for pragmatic idealists working towards individual and collective progress.

3. Orbit Media Studios: a web design studio the provides accessible, informative, and quirky blog posts, among other things.

4. Panzanzee: a social enterprise incubator and co-working space.

5. Mac ‘N Cheeses’s Smatterings: a curated list of the web’s best articles, job openings, events etc. created by uber-connector and founder of Mac ‘N Cheese Productions, Saya Hillman.

What about you? Where does your inbox positivity come from? What companies should we be following and listening to? Let us know! And  be sure to subscribe to the Zealous Good newsletter!

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