How to Clean Up Your Closet’s Act

This is a guest post from the organizational problem solvers at MyClothingHelper. This post is part of our Spring Cleaning with Zeal campaign. Check back next Friday for more ways on how to actively spring clean via professional organizing and concierge experts Mission 2 Organize

“Blackhole” is not a synonym for “closet” and yet that is exactly what closets in homes across the nation have turned into. At MyClothingHelper we believe in the power of organization. As we enter into the spring cleaning season, many of you will find yourself tackling closet clutter without a plan. This is where we come in. Below we’ve included tips on how to arrange your closet and keep it that way throughout the year.

1. First and foremost, hang up all of your clothes on sturdy (not wire) hangers. You can’t have closet organization if you throw all of your clothes on the floor.

2. Buy hangers, shelving units, shoe organizers, and tie racks that can be hung or otherwise placed in your closet. You need a place for everything. If you don’t have storage spaces then you can’t organize.

3. Stock your closet with season appropriate attire. If you have a large closet, make sure season appropriate clothes are the most easily accessible. If you have a smaller closet, and it’s summertime, consider packing away your winter coats. Don’t keep clothes in your closet that you aren’t going to wear for another eight months. Try putting them in suitcases that aren’t being used.

4. Purge your closet of clothes you never or very very rarely wear.

5. Train yourself not to buy clothes that you probably won’t end up wearing. Start by keeping track of how often you wear your clothes over the course of three months. After three months, if you see you haven’t worn a particular garment even once, maybe it’s time you donated it. Also, make sure you buy clothes that fit you, otherwise you’ll never wear them. Sure, it may look good on a mannequin, but is it going to be uncomfortable for you to wear?

6. Organize your clothes according to color and style. This saves time digging through your closet. This way, when you’re looking for a pink shirt, you know it’s with the grouping of pink/red colored shirts.

7. When you hang a shirt back up, button the top button. This will make sure the shirt stays on the hanger. In cramped closets, there is a lot of friction between the clothes and if they are not properly hung on the hanger they can slide off. Hanging them properly and buttoning them will also prevent unnecessary wrinkling.

8. Purge you closet of shoes you rarely wear. Remove boots in the summer time. Find a better place to store them until they are really needed.

9. Get a coat rack or other hanging device (maybe something on the back of your bedroom door), for storing items that are not ready to go back into the closet. That could include items like wet raincoats or items that are smoky and need to be aired out. You don’t want to jam these in your closet where its probably not well-ventilated.

10. Get a rack or hook system for belts. This way they won’t go missing and you’ll know where to find them when you need them. You hang up your shirts and jackets, why not your belts?

BONUS Top 3 Tips for Keeping Your Clothes New!

1. When washing jeans, zip up the zipper. The teeth of an unzippered zipper will tumble around in the wash and damage your other clothes.

2. For sweaters that you wash (i.e., sweaters you don’t dry-clean), do not place in the dryer. That can stretch out and deform the sweater making it unwearable after just one wash. Instead, lay a towel on a flat surface and place the unfolded sweater on top of it. It will dry somewhat more slowly but it will retain its shape.

3. Use cedar hangers. They will maintain the shape of your garments better than wire hangers and the cedar will keep moths away.


  1. Cindy Levitt said:

    Great advice! When working with my clients I cringe when I see nice clothing on wire hangars! It makes a big difference. Having things color coded by type is also a great thing to do.

    March 30, 2012

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