How to Donate a Musical Instrument

This is part of our charitable “How To“ series. Today we are talking about musical instrument donation. Check back for more charity, donor related instruction!

1. Make sure your instrument is in good working condition: Just because a guitar needs new strings or a piano is out of tune, does not mean an instrument is useless. If you’re still in the music game, you should be able to check the instrument for non-life-threatening issues yourself. If you haven’t touched your trumpet since senior year of high school, bring it to a local music shop and have it evaluated.

2. Prepare your instrument for donation: See step 1. Also be sure to wipe down the instrument and case to remove any dust. If the instrument is your child’s, donating is a great opportunity to teach them about giving back. Once you have received request emails from various charities, explain the different charity causes to your child and have them choose their favorite one. 

3. Find your item’s home: Whether you have a sentimental attachment to it or not, you should choose a charity that will put your instrument to use. On Zealous Good’s Wishlists page search “by need” and search charities in need of “Musical Instruments and Accessories.”

Close to 30 charities are looking for instruments including Barrel of Monkeys (BOM), an arts education theater ensemble. Specifically, BOM is in need of a keyboard for their live performances.

4. Schedule deliveryZealous Good makes it easy to connect to your chosen organization and to schedule the delivery of your donation (either pick up or drop off) that works best for you.

5. Feel good: You’ve donated your musical instrument, gave it a loving home, and got it where it needs to be. It’s not everyday you make a difference in someone’s life. And don’t stop here! Now that you’ve got the tools there’s nothing to stop you from regularly donating and doing good!

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