How to Donate Tools


This is part of our charitable “How To“ series. Today we are talking about how to donate tools. Check back for more charity, donor related instruction!

1. Decide which tools you want to donate: Now that it’s spring and the weather is nice, it may be time to start doing some work around the house, and that could mean upgrading the tools that you use. There are many kinds of tools that you can choose to donate. These can include hand tools, carpentry tools, power tools, landscaping equipment and gardening tools. Find the tools that you would like to donate and set them aside.

2. Clean and prepare your tools: Before you donate tools make sure to clean them so that they are in good and usable condition for the next recipient. Cleaning tools often just requires a bucket of water and some cleaning solution. You can find detailed instructions on cleaning tools in this guide. If your tools have rust on them then be sure to remove it before you donate them. Tips on how to remove rust from tools can be found here.

3. Find your item’s home: There are a few Zealous Good charities that are always in need of tools and landscaping equipment on an ongoing basis. These include Chicago Gateway Green, Friends of the Forest Preserves, Neighbor Space and Growing Home, Inc. Environmental organizations are the best fit for receiving your donated tools as they often are working directly with the tools in projects to preserve and beautify the community. You can easily submit your donation and receive requests directly from charities that are in need.

4. Schedule Delivery: Now that you have chosen an organization for your tools donation, you can schedule the donation drop off or pick up directly with the organization.

5. Feel good: You have just donated tools to an organizations in need! Now a local charity will have the tools needed to preserve and improve a local community, or they’ll be able to fix and make repairs to the equipment they already have.

Do you know anyone that is upgrading their tools? You can can tell them how easy it is to donate tools to local charities in need!

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