How To Improve Your Facebook Page’s Personality

I’ve held a personal Facebook account for 7 years; only for the past 3 months have I maintained a professional Facebook account for Zealous Good. The personal and professional online worlds are different but there is a lot that can be applied to both pages. You want your organization to thrive but you also want your personal page to be a reflection of your, dare we say it, zeal. With of course, moderation peppered in. Below are 3 easy ways to make both sides of you stand out on Facebook.

1. Everyone loves photos.  Photos stand out on a newsfeed, they make your profile pop, they tell a story. If you’re in the donation business, like Zealous Good is, you need potential donors to make connections to charities so that they remember and want to give. Zealous Good charity Chicago House does a great job of posting compelling photos to their page. On picking a profile picture blogger Social Media Commando says, “Just ask yourself if it’s an image you’d click the ‘like’ button on when browsing your news feed.”

2. Let’s talk. Facebook is about meeting people. And to do that you need to talk and share. This may sound obvious but it is easy to fall into a one-sided conversation when creating your page. In addition to maintaining your page and making it shine, you need to post on other organization’s walls.  People need to know who you are and a wall as opposed to a newsfeed is a much more intimate setting.

Don't get lost in a newsfeed of Minnows. Rise above and chat wall-to-wall.

Think of it like this, instead of wading out in the ocean with a million of your closest Minnows, you’re taking a dip in an above-ground swimming pool meant for 5 or 6 people.

3. Be a tease. I promise this is not contradicting information. You should be posting your blogs to Facebook. People on Facebook are looking for a brief distraction and if your blog post content is compelling and concise people will read on. To make your post irresistible the Never Mind Marketing blog suggests, “Use words like, how to, easy, free, and numbered steps to catch people’s attention. (i.e. How To Create A Killer Facebook Fan Page In Seven Easy Steps)”

You can see how we’re maintaing our social media presence on Facebook as well as Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+. Don’t be shy, say hi!



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