How to Live Life Minimally

This is a guest post from Colleen Froehlich, media and marketing specialist. 

This year we’ve made an effort to live our lives minimally. We’ve cut back on gas, energy, junk, and waste. And we’ve eliminated some stress along the way. Zealous Good wants to get you on the path to a stress-free, more meaningful life. Here’s how:

Our lives and houses are filled with junk that we don’t need. The average American household has about $7,000 in unused items.

Too much "stuff" leads to a stressful and disorganized life.

Organize your life.  Get your stuff in order. Emancipate yourself from the stress of the garage, the basement, the toy room, by donating or organizing. It’s amazing how sitting in or even walking past an organized room will make you feel. By doing these two things, you will already begin to feel the weight lift from your shoulders.

Fill your life with things that make you feel good. Click to tweet

Do something for yourself like meditation, stretching, running or even lighting candles to calm down. The most important thing is to do something daily to keep yourself happy and feeling good. This will continue the cycle of goodness and keep you living your fullest life.

Do something good for yourself. Try meditation.

While Zealous Good encourages you to live minimally through donation, we know that are many ways to reduce stress and that anyone is capable of doing so. Replace your junk but only with items that truly mean something to you. Keep active and organized and you’ll begin to lead a more centered life. Minimize, simplify, and enjoy the GOOD things in life!

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