How to Run a Holiday Donation Drive

Have you ever wanted to get friends and family together to throw a donation drive? If you have or if you’re interested in doing a donation drive for the first time, we’ve made it easy with some steps below.

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1. Decide what you’re going to collect

When collecting donations for a donation drive, it’s easier to be focused and ask for a specific item. This holiday season we asked different charities what they needed and found the following were top items: Gift cards, sports items, winter clothing, kids books, toys, school supplies, candy and toiletries. Consider collecting one of these items to be most helpful to local charities.

2. Determine who needs the items you’re collecting

If you’re in Chicago, simply reach out to Zealous Good and we’ll gladly help you find a charity that’s a perfect fit. If you’re outside of Chicago, consider reaching out to your local United Way or community center to learn if they are aware of charities with needs for donation drive items.

3. Get a core group of supporters and spread the word

Get your dream team together. You’ll need supporters to help you spread the word, gather donations and have the drive be successful overall. Get 3-5 people to be on your core team and then develop a plan together to spread the word to people.

4. Collect the items and give them away!

Start collecting! Either offer one day for people to drop off the items at a specific drop off point or get a list of who is donating and schedule pick ups at their homes. After you’ve gathered the items, give them away! Coordinate with the charity to give the items to them. You can even ask if you can meet some of the recipients directly and maybe even take a photo with them.

5. Report back to donors

Tell your supporters and donors about how successful the drive was. They’ll want to know how much was collected and hear how it was received at the charity. If you have any pictures or stories from people you meet, share them!

We hope this helped and you’re now ready to host a donation drive! You’ll definitely be making a difference in many lives this holiday season!

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