How to Say Thank You to Donors: Tips for Charities

At Zealous Good we love whenever there is a successful match to one of our charity members and are thankful to the donors that have chosen to use us for donating their goods. We send donors a personalized thank you certificate whenever there is a successful match to an organization and also try to send them donation stories so they know how their goods are being used.

With December fast approaching we are about to enter the busiest month of the year for donating to charities. About one third of online donations to charities are made in December. With resources and time spent on getting donations it is also very important to thank your donors for their generosity. Here are a few tips on how you can say thank you to donors and keep them engaged.

1. Write a personalized thank you letter: Writing a personalized thank you note instead of a generic one appears more meaningful and friendly to a donor.

2. Show the impact that is being made: Donors want to see how their donation is benefitting an organization and who it is helping. A recent study found that 77% of younger donors are somewhat or very likely to stop donating to a nonprofit that didn’t tell them how their donation was making an impact. Letting donors know the impact that they are creating can be very empowering and can make it easier for them to continue to support your organization and its goals.

3. Share a story: Sharing a story about how a donation is being used or how it will be used keeps donors engaged and is also something that they can share with their network to get others involved. You can also have a client that has directly benefited from the contribution write a short thank you letter to the donor as well.

4. Include photos or videos: Including photos will make an instant connection between donors and your organization’s work. With photos a donor can see who is directly benefitting from their donation.

5. Include an invitation: Include an invitation for your donors to attend your next event, to tour the facility and/or visit with clients or even to just follow your organization through social media such as Facebook and Twitter. This is a great way to continue donor engagement without asking them to donate again.

By following these tips you can increase donor engagement and help donors feel more connected to your organization’s mission and the great work that is doing. If you can keep donors engaged then there’s a much greater chance that they will donate again and also get others to donate as well.

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