How to Share Your Donation Story: Tips for Charities

For charities one of the best ways to engage with donors is to write a story about the Zealous Good donation that you have received. Here at Zealous Good we love when we receive stories about successful donations from our charity members! After we receive a story we share it through our social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter and immediately send it to the donor.

Writing a story will help you in two ways:

  1. We can write a blog post about it and share it with our followers who will learn more about what your organization does and how they can help.
  1. The donor will receive the story and know how their donation is being used. And, they’ll thank you for it!

5 tips for writing a story:

  1. The story only needs to be a few sentences or can be as easy as a photo with an explanation!
  1. Try to include pictures of the donated items if possible as this gives the donor a visual.
  1. Tell the donor who the recipient of the donation is and how it is making a difference.
  1. Describe how the donation is going to benefit the organization as a whole in making an impact.
  1. Thank the donor again for their generous donation.

Here are 3 stories from Zealous Good charities after a successful donation match and the responses that we received from the donors after they received them:

  1. Non-profit story: New Moms was thrilled to receive the jewelry and accessories from Michelle. The items provided tons of smiles to the women at New Moms and specifically we used some of them in our “Points closet” to be used as gifts when women complete important tasks and reach certain milestones such as applying to jobs or developing and training on maternal skills. What a treat to have these fantastic pieces of jewelry! Thank you!

Donor reply: Thank you for the update!!

  1. Non-profit story: Our organization was so grateful to receive the donated office supplies as they are being used in our program administrative area to assist with the paperwork we have to complete for our case management department.  Also, some of the supplies are used in our Learning Center Lab where our homeless clients participate in computer lab classes, job readiness, resume writing, e-mail, etc.

Donor reply: Thank you so much for sending that….that really made my day! : )

  1. Non-profit story: Here are two pictures of the young ladies that benefitted from the running shoes and athletic wear donated by Erica.
    Brand new running shoes donated to Project Education Plus

    Some of the shoes were donated to the young ladies PEP works with that attend Von Steuben HS, which is close to where Erica lives. Included is a note from the coach. “From the bottom of my heart, thanks so much for the opportunity to gift these shoes and the athletic wear to my athletes.  They were so excited and couldn’t believe it was just one person who was so generous to us. Again, from the bottom of my heart to the tips of their toes, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”

Donor Reply: Thanks – That makes my day! I hope the girls do well!! So cool to see the shoes/clothes going to good use!

You can always share a Zealous Good donation story with us at any time whether its a few days after the donation was received or a few weeks. We look forward to sharing many more success stories with our donors in the future!

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  1. Toni Pullen said:

    Being a member of Zealous Good has been a godsend for our non-profit organization. We are Cabrini Connections, a tutoring/mentoring program for 7th through 12 graders and we just received a donation that looked as if it was tailor-made for us. We received various office supplies that can be used by both staff and students and we are most appreciative!

    January 17, 2013

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