How Your In-Kind Donation is being Used

These are the stories behind the donation matches. Enjoy! Be inspired! Give and receive!

1. The one about the two charities helping each other:

An accounting assistant at Housing Opportunities and Maintenance for the Elderly (H.O.M.E.) had a VOIP telephone system to donate. Benton House needed an easier way to answer phone calls. The two were connected through Zealous Good. This was the message Benton House sent to H.O.M.E. that secured them a donation:

Benton House: “We are a true settlement house, where all staff lives on site to help run our agency. They stay for a year or two similar to an Ameri-corps position, they work for room and board, so my entire agency runs without an administration budget. Our buildings are very big and phones do not go everywhere..We have a teen job training program in refurbishing computers so we have a great resource to springboard from.”

2. The one where the magazine makes a world of difference:

Donor Andreanna had no more use for her stack of magazines. But instead of tossing them, she used Zealous Good to connect with RML Speciality Hospital, who, as luck would have it, was searching for a magazine collection. This was the message RML sent to Andreanna that secured them a donation:

RML: “RML staff & volunteers run a lending library, a cart of entertainment materials (books, puzzles, magazines, DVDs, etc.) that is shared with our patients who are facing complex, long-term illness and/or injury. The lending library allow the patients moments of escape from their stressful healthcare situation. By reading a book or magazine, or escaping in a movie or CD, patients and their families relieve stress.”

3. The one with the simple and sweet request:

Thanks to donor Traci, a family at La Casa Norte is able to start their new life off right. This was the simple, but powerful, message La Casa Norte sent to Traci that secured them a donation:

La Casa Norte: “This would be a great donation for a family moving into their first home!”

If you’d like to be a part of the Zealous Good story, donate¬†your in-kind item or create an account for your nonprofit.

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