Kids Love Books

Perhaps no photo better captures what  Zealous Good does than the one below. We match donors with in-kind donations to nonprofits with matching need. And then the best part, those donation items inspire joy, wonder, and hope, in their recipients.

It is our belief, that every item you donate through us, has the ability to make your recipient(s) feel exactly like the kids in this photo. To you, it’s a stack of old books to unload. To them, it’s a whole world to get lost in.

Kids from The Chicago Urban Art Retreat Center excited about their book donation.

Along with the photo, Dianna from The Chicago Urban Art Retreat Center (CUARC), sent us this lovely note:

“The children we see at CUARC often have a hard time reading or they love to read and need more access to books. Before we even had the books arranged, kids started taking them home with them to read and bring back!

We have a new volunteer who will teach the children about the Dewey Decimal System and help the youth to organize the books, number them, create library cards, and be able to take turns as librarian.

We are very excited to receive such a large number of really good books for youth! We are seeing if there is some way we can build shelving in the art gallery to place the books on. Our hope is to build shelving on one side of the chimney for adults’ books and on the other side build shelving for youth books.

Thank you so much for allowing this to be!”

If you’d like your item to create joy, hope, and wonder (or any other warm and fuzzy feeling) in a nonprofit recipient, please consider making an in-kind donation through Zealous Good.

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