Over a Million Goods Have Been Donated

millionA few months ago, Zealous Good reached a huge milestone! All of the hard work and connections happening on the Zealous Good website has led to over one million dollars worth of items donated. Specifically,  $1,131,824 dollars as of May 5, 2014! It is great to have so many people giving and helping others! How much really can $1,131,824 buy?

It could buy:

  • 86,180 Pairs of pants
  • 56,017 Barbie dolls
  • 22,407 Coats to keep people warm
  • Food for about 7,420 people in a week
  • 6,224 Road bikes
  • About 93 new Chevrolet Spark Cars

While not too many people would want 93 cars, you get the point. So many goods have been donated its great! Lets keep it going and keep on donating! If you have something to donate check out Zealous Good’s website!


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