The Society for the Preservation of Human Dignity

Wherever you fall on the sociopolitical or moral spectrum, you likely believe in the innate and equal value of human beings, right? Probably!

I love it when we agree on things.

There’s been a lot of chatter in the news and in the public discourse – I’d say lately, but honestly, when hasn’t this been an issue? – about women’s health. If we want to get fundamental on it, we can say women’s RIGHTS to health. And yes, this is an argument that remains necessary in 2012.

Simply by being born a female in this world, a woman does have a unique set of concerns related to not only her body but her whole life, and yeah – they do have a lot to do with her uterus and the responsibility for carrying and nurturing new human lives. Even without the very real circumstances of the world we live in and the immense potential for strife, the business of propagating and nurturing the species is a complex one. Now imagine the hardship and struggle of those mired in a system that provides them little to no healthcare or support. They, too, deserve not just decent care but the right to it.

Today’s featured member, the Society for the Preservation of Human Dignity, exists to ensure that all women and families who require health services to not only survive, but to thrive, can receive them.

About PHD:

Society for the Preservation of Human Dignity, PHD, affirms the value of the lives of women and families facing the issues of pregnancy and parenting.

We are dedicated to providing opportunities for the hope and growth through professional counseling, education and integrated support services to meet the unique practical and emotional needs of each individual.

 To speak more to the necessity of their services:
Today there are thousands of women in the community who are pregnant or parenting a child or children under the age of three who have limited or no network of support. Fortunately, PHD’s size and reputation have grown rapidly from a telephone crisis line into a sophisticated professional counseling center serving women throughout the north and northwest suburbs of Chicago.
PHD provides counseling services and resource support to over 1,200 clients annually. About them:
1. The average age of a PHD client is between 25 and 35.
2. Most PHD clients live in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.
3. Approximately 50% of PHD clients are married.
4. Approximately 50% of PHD clients are widowed, divorced or single.
5. More than 65% of PHD clients are Hispanic.
6. More than 80% of PHD clients live at or below the poverty level.
These numbers represent real women who, without PHD’s services, would be under-resourced, under-educated, and alone, alienated from a system too overwhelmed to reach out to them by no fault of their own. For the record, poverty is an institutional illness, not a choice people make. Those born into it are immediately and systemically deprived of access to basic educational and health care resources. PHD works to leverage the playing field and ensure that these families are not lost or left alone to struggle.
We are thrilled to work with PHD in their mission to respect and serve the innate human quality of people across the economic spectrum. Care to help? I’ll be you do! You love caring!PHD is currently seeking in-kind donations of baby and maternity items. Think diapers, infants clothing, formula and baby food. Prenatal vitamins, maybe! Anything really. Think about your own mother. What did she have access to while nursing you in her loving womb? Donate that!
You can access their full wish list right over here.
Your mother would be so proud of you.

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  1. Jennifer said:

    Thank you so much Zealous Good! What a wonderful job all of you are doing to help others!

    February 14, 2012

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