Q&A with Kevin Cohen of Near Me, The SaaS Provider for Marketplaces

Near Me is a startup out of San Francisco that is making it easier for individuals to create a peer-to-peer marketplaces for goods/services on a customizable platform. We got in touch with Kevin Cohen, the Director of Marketing at Near Me, to ask him to tell us more about Near Me and its role into the future.:

What was the inspiration behind Near Me?

Tech entrepreneur Michelle Regner was inspired by the sharing economy sites Lyft and Uber; they were such a radically different experience from the normal transportation options in San Francisco. Next she connected with Adam Broadway, the co-founder of Business Catalyst (sold to Adobe). They brainstormed whether to start their own marketplace, but later decided to create a platform to power marketplaces. From there Near Me was born.

What is your 30 second pitch?

For entrepreneurs and brands looking to jump into the collaborative economy, Near Me provides a turnkey, enterprise SaaS solution for powering your peer to peer marketplace for a fraction of the cost of a custom solution.

What strategies have worked out best in spreading the word for Near Me?

PR, events, and content marketing.

What role has Near Me you played with social enterprises?

Near Me allows individuals to mobilize idle assets. This creates income, sustainability, and builds communities.

What has been the largest challenge in growing Near Me?

The largest challenge has been building a robust, yet easy to use solution. This type of product is not easy to build, but we’ve rounded the corner on this.

What are you most proud of in regards to Near Me?

We treat our customers like family; it makes our interactions with them very rewarding.

What are your plans for the future for Near Me through 2015?

To add 15 employees, deploy 50 marketplaces, and raise an A round of funding.

With the sharing economy entering a booming phase, Near Me plans on being a driving force as the demand for peer-to-peer marketplaces increases. A few of their clients can be seen here.

Near Me not only provides their platform services for marketplaces but also has a blog that is a great resource in staying up to date in the sharing economy. They post regularly, providing content on the latest news/thought in the sharing economy.  Additionally, Kevin runs a weekly podcast featuring entrepreneurs and leaders in the sharing economy called The Crowd. We highly recommend checking out these two mediums if this is a topic you are interested in.

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