Share Your Stuff: Top 5 Collaborative Consumption Sites

It’s one of the first principles of kindness you learn in school, “sharing is caring.” In recent years, whole businesses have been built on this principle. Companies like ZipCar and I-Go allow you to share cars for short-term periods. Many other companies have popped up in the areas of accommodation sharing, task assignment and item sharing.sharing-new-shopping

When you share your stuff, you reduce your carbon footprint, save costs, and make more meaningful connections within your community. Here are a few of our favorite collaborative consumption sites:

5. Airbnb. This peer-to-peer accomodation site lets you rent your home or stay at a rented home in just about any location across the globe. Plus, prices are often cheaper than renting a hotel. The Airbnb experience is ideal for travelers looking to get an authentic view of their travel destination.

4. Rent the Runway. The Today Show called it, “couture without the cost.” Rent the Runway lets you dress like a movie star for a few nights without costing a fortune. Search the site’s database for your perfect dress, then book it for a period of 4-8 days. When your magical days are up, send back the dress and start your search again!

3. TaskRabbit. This service is perfect for those short on time or those with a little extra to spare. If you need an task done, post your need and price you’re willing to pay. If you need a little extra cash, become a TaskRabbit and complete someone’s task. Tasks range from grocery shopping to house cleaning to home repair.

2. Bike-Sharing. In cities all over the world, bike-sharing programs are popping up. Biking is a great way to cut down on CO2 emissions caused by cars and it’s an excellent way to create a healthier community. This summer, Chicago will launch their new bike-sharing initiative, putting hundreds of new bikes on the city’s streets.

1. Moxie Jean. Kids grow fast and buying clothes for them, every few months, can get very expensive. Moxie Jean is an “upscale resale” shop that encourages parents to swap their kid’s clothes with each other. The company does a great job of styling full outfits, so that all you have to do is add it to your cart.

Using Zealous Good is also a great way to share your stuff with nonprofits in need. What can you donate today?

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