Shoe Donation to Chicago Lights Has Big Impact

After donor Casey gave several pairs of men’s shoes to Chicago Lights, Dan at Chicago Lights Elam Davies Social Service Center let her know how much good her old shoes are currently doing:

“I write to you with great appreciation for Zealous Good for helping us connect with such a generous donor.  The Chicago Lights Elam Davies Social Service Center (EDSSC) focuses many of its programs on meeting basic human needs such as clothing and food.  Over 70% of our guests are male, and there is always a great need for men’s clothing in our Share Shop clothing closet. Guests are able to access the clothing closet by appointment every other month.  The Share Shop is currently on pace for over 1200 appointments in 2012.  Our entire clothing closet stock is filled by donations, so every donation has a great impact.  We also distribute emergency clothing for guests which consists of one set of clothing, and there are no eligibility restrictions for this. 

I can say that the donation of men’s shoes immediately had an impact with our guests.  At the time of the donation, our shoe closet was bare, with little options for those in need of proper footwear.  I personally gave one pair of shoes to a gentleman in need of emergency clothing.  His shoes were literally falling apart and taped together and he complained of foot pain.  Without this donation, we would not have been able to help this man beyond a referral to another agency (where this is no guarantee shoes would be provided). 

So from everyone at the EDSSC, I say thank you for the kind donation.  Mens shoes and clothing are a demand in which we cannot always supply the adequate amount, so donations such as these have a lasting impact for our guests.  Thank you!”

If you’d like to be a Zealous Do-Gooder, the right time to give is always now! And if you’d like to join Chicago Lights in receiving quality items, start getting donations today! 


  1. Patricia Cathey said:

    Our JROTC/School Program has donations of shoes for a Service Lrn Project but we need a pick up for the shoes as well, anyone out there let us know and we as well as our school have needs for Sports Equipment, funds for Bus Transportation for Field Trips, etc.,

    October 9, 2013
    • Jesse Mavi Jesse Mavi said:


      That’s great that you have shoes to donate! You can easily submit the donation on the Zealous Good website and we’ll try to find a charity that is interested in them.

      October 9, 2013

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