Spring Cleaning Done Now Makes for a Carefree Summer

This is a guest post from professional organizer Cindy Levitt of Peace by Piece Professional Organizing and Design. This post is part of our Spring Cleaning with Zeal campaign. Check back next Friday for ways to make your old items new again via expert thrifter, Thrift Core.

When you think about spring cleaning and organizing, focus on the fact that summer is just around the corner. In Chicago, we all want more time to enjoy the lakefront, the music  festivals, our neighborhoods and just to be outside. With a few simple tips you can clear your mind and get a bit more organized. 

•Take a look at your entry ways. Do a seasonal swap out in the front hall closet, mudroom  or backdoor. There’s nothing worse than seeing heavy coats, scarves and boots when it’s 85 degrees and humid.

•Find some plastic bins to pack up the winter gear and label the bins. Then move them out  of the way to the basement or attic. Or simply put them on the top shelves of the closet, or  in your “less prime real estate.” Keep your beach tote, baseball cap, and sandals in sight instead.

•Tour your home, room by room, and think about what you can donate. What you may no longer love can be used by others who really need the items. Zealous Good is the perfect resource for donating your spring cleaned excess goods.

•For families with school age children, another great “end of school year” project is to deal with the papers and art projects that have accumulated from the school year. Each child should have a plastic bin or two with their names clearly labeled on them.

•Think outside of the box. Boot boxes work well for artwork too!

•Have your child help with the “editing” process to teach decision-making and organizing skills.

•Organize your car to create spontaneous fun! Keep some sand toys, beach chairs, blankets, a few good books and some art supplies in the trunk of the car. If you have a few minutes in the day to enjoy the outdoors, you will be ready to sit and relax and soak up the sun or shade.

•And speaking of cars… with gas prices so high, organize your errands and trips to save money. Keep your coupons and discount cards in a zippered pouch in the car. If you are driving by one of the local shops you don’t have to run back home and get your coupons.

So clear away the winter stuff and enjoy those lazy days of spring and summer!


Cindy Levitt is the owner of Peace by Piece, Professional Organizing and Design. Peace by Piece offers on-site and virtual residential and business organizing, speaking, teaching, coaching, relocation and moving services, staging and redesign services in Chicago and surrounding areas.

Cindy holds a Master of Education from DePaul University and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Washington University. She draws on a lifetime of diverse experiences when working with her clients.

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