Spring Cleaning with Zeal Wrap-Up

We’ve come to the end, my friends. Recent 90 degree temperatures and cranked up air conditioners make the days of umbrellas and rain boots a distant memory. Summer has announced itself. But spring, you had a good run.

In our first ever Spring Cleaning with Zeal campaign, which started all the way back in March, we learned enough valuable tips to keep us organized and tidy until next spring. We couldn’t have done it without the expertise of these fine organizing professionals/guest bloggers:

March 16: Erin of Arranged by Erin had us make a plan for our spring cleaning.

March 23: The Chicago Organizer, Terri Albert, taught us what right-Sizing vs. downsizing means.

March 30: The guys behind the innovative closet organizing tool, MyClothingHelper, told us what we needed to do to clean up our closet’s act.

April 6: Mission 2 Organize showed us the benefits of using a label maker and 5 other tips to spring clean with purpose.

April 13: Sarah of Less Is More shared with us her busy parent’s guide to spring cleaning.

April 20: Cindy of Peace by Piece Professional Organizing and Design reminded us why we should get our cleaning done before summer.

May 4: Mercury Organizing Professionals gave us the top 10 tips to take charge of information overload and win the paper chase.

May 11: Organizing With You, Inc. taught us ways to prepare for summer including always having a well-stocked picnic basket on hand.

May 18: The ladies at Neat Method helped us get organized in the kitchen (where the best parties always end up).

Following these tips and tricks will make getting and staying organized a manageable goal. If you haven’t started de-cluttering yet, it’s never too late! Keep this list around for inspiration and motivation. And, if you feel your mess is just too big for you to tackle alone, you can always enlist the help of the professional organizers above. Once you have completed your overhaul and are left with a pile of items you’d like to donate, consider using Zealous Good. It’s free, easy, and meaningful!


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